Speakers in Ecological and Electric Aviation Conference March 6

Guest Speakers:

Dr. Tassilo Wanner: Lilium Jet

Tassilo Wanner is the VP of Global Public & Regulatory Affairs at Lilium. He oversees the company’s world-wide stakeholder engagement, advocacy efforts, and regulatory and government affairs strategy.

Previously, Tassilo was an Engagement Manager at McKinsey & Company, leading TTL (Transport, Travel, and Logistics) as well as strategy and change management studies. Before joining McKinsey, he spent four years in political planning and strategic communication roles for the Parliamentary Leadership in the German Bundestag as well as for the German Federal Minister of the Interior in Berlin.

Tassilo studied at LMU Munich and Georgetown University, and earned a Doctorate in Political Science and Modern History. He is married and father of three children.

MSc Maarten Frijling: Diamond Aircraft – The development of HEMEP, the Hybrid Electric Multi Engine Plane, M.Sc Maarten Frijling, Project Leader Electric Aircraft

Maarten Frijling is responsible for the development of electric aircraft within Diamond Aircraft in Austria. Currently, he is the project leader of HEMEP, a serial hybrid electric aircraft which recently flew for the first time. In the years before, Maarten has always been active in the aviation field, working on various state-of-the-art projects in the Netherlands. 

Maarten has always had a passion for electric and sustainable mobility. During his studies, he participated in the World Solar Challenge. A prestigious competition in which teams all over the world compete to build the most efficient solar racing car. His hard work was rewarded as his team won this race in 2013 and the years following. 

Maarten has studied Aerospace Engineering at the Delft University of Technology, and holds and master’s degree in Aerospace Structures and Materials. Further, Maarten is an enthusiastic glider and motorized airplane pilot. When he is not busy designing aircraft, he can often be found flying them. 

MBA, BSc Jaakko Schildt: Towards More Responsible Air Travel

Jaakko Schildt, MBA, BSc Engineering, is the Chief Operating Officer of Finnair, a Finnish airline specialized in passenger and cargo traffic between Europe and Asia. He started in this latest Finnair position in 2016. He joined Finnair from Thomas Cook Airlines UK where he held the position as Accountable Manager. Previously, he  has worked as the head of Finnair Technical Services, as well as in various leadership positions within SAS Group. He started his aviation career as an aircraft mechanic. In his leisure time he enjoys snowboarding and racing enduro motorbikes.

Glenn Llewellyn: Airbus - Bringing Zero-emission Technologies to Aviation

Glenn Llewellyn is the General Manager for Electrification in the Corporate Technology Office (CTO) of Airbus. He is responsible for all company-wide hybrid and electric propulsion research. Prior to this, Glenn has held various roles including as a programme lead for several systems on the A350 aircraft. Having studied Aeronautical Engineering, Glenn joined Airbus in 2000.

MSc Kimmo Mäki: Finavia and the Future of Ecological Aviation in Finland

Kimmo Mäki is the CEO of Finavia Corporation since January 2018. He holds an MSc in technology as well as an eMBA and has extensive work experience of the service and logistics industry. Kimmo Mäki worked as the CEO of Port of Helsinki during 2011–2017. Prior to that he worked as SVP at Steveco Oy and Logistics Manager at Stockmann plc and other companies. Kimmo Mäki is a Board Member of VTS Finland Oy since 2019. He served as a chair of the Board of Finrail Oy in 2015–2017 and as a member thereof in 2017–2018. Kimmo is married and a father to one child. His interests involve soccer, fishing and sailing.

Dr. Virpi Kröger: Neste – Decarbonizing Aviation


Virpi Kröger is responsible for commercialization of renewable jet fuel at Neste Renewable Fuels. She is a passionate promoter of sustainable choices and has extensive experience in business development, business strategies, and industrial partnerships from several roles at Neste. Before that, Virpi worked in industrial chemicals business development at Yara. Virpi holds a PhD in Chemical Engineering and a M.Sc. in Business. She is married and mother of twins. Virpi is a snow enthusiastic who loves skiing. In summertime, she enjoys playing golf and hiking.

MSc Architect Juha Lampi: City and the Sky - Four-dimensional Blood Circuit of the Built World

Juha Lampi is Director of Design, Logistics and Transport/Traffic and Innovations at Innovarch Arhitects. He has been designing both superterranean built environment and underground/rock spaces. His works range from new buildings to renovation projects, city planning logistics studies to single residential, educational, commercial and cultural projects. He also is a member of Vahanen Academy, an internal educational organization in Vahanen Group, has a steering position in Innovarch marketing, research and development team and leads Innovarch’s part in Lähiöfest2019 – festival of neighbourhoods –an open event which celebrates the city and its suburbs inviting everybody to join. He graduated from Helsinki University of Technology 1982. He also is a retired reserve officer from the Finnish Air Force, an ultralight pilot and teacher/choreographer of rhythmic expression. He is married and a father of three adult daughters and four grandchildren.


Dr. Janne Ropponen: MAF Finland Aid Flights

Dr. Janne Ropponen is the Chief Executive Officer at MAF Finland. MAF Finland sends aviation staff and funding for MAF (Mission Aviation Fellowship) operations and flights in developing countries in areas where travelling otherwise is difficult or insecure. These flights respond to the needs of the world's most vulnerable people who often suffer from the effects of the climate change.

Dr. Ropponen has graduated from the university of Jyväskylä with business administration and information technology as his majors. His doctoral thesis focused on software risk management in IT projects. Before his flight career he served as a Senior Process Development Engineer at Nokia Telecommunications in the software production of Nokia mobile networks.

Janne Ropponen also holds current air transport pilot license and flies Airbus 330 long haul flights with Finland's national flag carrier airline Finnair. Previously, he has also served as a MAF pilot in Uganda and Mongolia where he lived together with his wife and four children 7 years. Practical and effective help delivered to the most needy people by MAF flights is still motivating him as he continues to work in the background to raise funds and awareness for these flights in the developing countries. Fighting climate change is also close to his heart and he gladly serves as the chairman of the first Ecological and Electric Aviation Conference in Finland. He enjoys outing and fishing in the fresh water lakes of Finland.

Janne Vasama: Helsinki Electric Aviation Association

Janne Vasama is Founding member and chairman of Helsinki Electric Aviation Association. The aim of the Helsinki Electric Aviation Association is to build an electric aviation ecosystem around Pipistrel Alpha Electro electric plane to support the development of electric aviation in Finland. New ecosystem will support training, research, and development.

Janne Vasama is also member of Electro Mobility Branch Group at Technology Industries of Finland. The aim of the branch group is to support and facilitate the electrification of traffic in Finland. Janne has been working in several roles in electronics components business and has been an entrepreneur from 2005. Janne started flying 1978 with gliders and has license for several difference airplane categories.


LL.M. Timo Latikka: Finnish Aeronautical Association

LL.M. Timo Latikka is Executive Director of the Finnish Aeronautical Association (SIL). In 1919 founded association is the national and central organization of sport and recreational aviation in Finland. The sphere of activity of SIL includes ten different air sport disciplines: powered flying, gliding, experimental flying, ultralight flying, hang gliding, paragliding, parachuting, ballooning, aeromodelling and drones. Timo previously worked on politics being responsible for training politicians. Timo's leisure time goes with reading, writing, politics and association law. Too rarely in the forest.